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Play Cole is no hermit.  There are Friends of Play Cole all over the world, with a heavy concentration in New York.

FOPCs are a talented bunch and Play Cole is happy to show off the cool people he knows.




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*An FOPC Production*

Ninja Comedy

Open mike nights are a great chance to see new, aspiring comedians take their first shots at stardom. Sometimes, a Ninja shows up.

Starring and written by Mike Drucker and Jon Clarke.  With Alex Grubard and Billy the Kid.

Runtime -- 1:59

Drucker Brothers


*An FOPC Production*

Pee Shy

A young man struggles to overcome the handicap of his illness. This is a story of hope, courage, and going in the potty.

Starring RG Daniels, Kyle Masteller, Steve Dawson, and Jacqueline Holloway. Shot and edited by Jon Clarke. Directed and written by RG Daniels.

Runtime -- 4:48

French Fry Head


*An FOPC Production*


A bug sings a song that gets (tragically) cut short.



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