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Another Blind Travelogue with Mort Normstein -- Blind Traveler

The Mort Normstein show began in April 2004, as Mort traveled from Seattle to Minnesota across the Rocky Mountains. Mort has a keen sense of “place” and relies on it despite what his producers tell him. He brings his keen insights about history, culture, politics and adventure to his loyal viewers. Mort has traveled the world, from Hawaii to San Francisco to London. He plans to keep traveling for years to come. “There are so many places to go to and be at,” say Mort, “I wouldn't miss them for the world.”

Blind Travelogue: Yellowstone

Mort Normstein travels the world to bring you things no one has ever seen in places no one would expect.

Starring Jon Clarke.  Featuring Bill Monroe on voiceover.

Runtime -- :36

Blind Travelogue: Seattle

Mort Normstein visits a famous center of the arts, just not the one he's telling you about.

Starring Jon Clarke. Featuring Bill Monroe on voiceover

Runtime -- :48

Blind Travelogue: Mt. Rushmore

Mort Normstein finally finds a great place -- and misses it completely.

Starring Jon Clarke. Featuring Bill Monroe on voiceover

Runtime -- :52