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Play Cole is the most original, funniest, smartest, and best looking sketch comedy group to come along since the Zany Boys.

Play Cole is a NY/Seattle based video and improv sketch group that is feared in the all the land for their ability to process dairy. The members have been active in the comedy scene, writing, doing improv, stand-up, or just eating dairy with a smug look on their faces.  Play Cole relies on technology to liberate itself from the constraints of time and space and contribute gems for the betterment of the human race.



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A Day in the life of Hellboy

Even demonic superheroes like Anung un Rama have some of those days.

Written and animated by Jon Clarke

Runtime -- 1:49


Batman: Kidnapped!

Killer Croc helps th Riddler kidnap Batman.  Then he want to renegotiate his fee.

Directed, written, and edited by Jon Clarke.  Starring Mike Drucker and Mark Normand.

Runtime -- 1:41



Star Trek: The Sitcom            



How do you turn one of the coolest 1980s Sci-Fi shows into a cheesy 1980s sitcom?  
Turns out all you need to do is add the laugh track.

Directed and edited by Jon Clarke.  Voiceover by Renee Clarke.

Runtime -- 3:53




The Muppet Show, Starring William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy



Mark Hamill was great when he appeared on the Muppet Show, but didn't you always want to see William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy hang out with Kermit?  Now you can.

This  stop motion animated film took three months to produce.

Starring Jon Clarke, Brian Kunath, Bill Monroe, and Andrew Torres.  Written by Jon Clarke and Bill Monroe.  Directed, shot, edited and hair pulled out by Jon Clarke.

Runtime -- 6:45



Lois Lane: Intrepid Reporter


Sometimes a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist isn't all that bright.

Writen, directed, and animated by Jon Clarke.  Starring Pat Dixon, Lara Yaz, Alec Grubard, Jon Clarke, Mike Drucker, Ed Murray, Maddog Mattern, and Jeff Sussman

Runtime -- 2:35




Stan Lee's Soapbox

Jon Clarke took audio from Stan Lee's Fantastic Four introductions in the mid-90s and animated it with his action figures and digital camera.

The results are crazy.

Runtime -- 2:10

Runtime -- 3:31



The Bribe



A young go-getter invents a new way to get a raise.

Starring Jon Clarke and John Knefel

Written by Jon Clarke and Mike Drucker.  With Billy the Kid on lighting.

Runtime -- 2:37




Joker Goes to Comedy Central


How does Comedy Central find new shows?  They schedule pitch meetings with popular entertainers.  Or criminal masterminds.

Starring Jon Clarke, Mike Drucker, and Alex  Grubard.  Featuring Emily Conbere

Runtime -- 3:02



Tension Envelopes

Interviewing for a new job can be a nerve-wracking experience.  But when the tension in the air is so thick you see people snap all around you, it is a truly memorable experience.

Strarring  Jon Clarke, Brian Kunath, Bill Monroe, and Andrew  Torres.  Directed by Jon Clarke.  Written by Jon Clarke and Bill Monroe

Runtime -- 3:23





Years ago, Calvin Klein showed us a new way to sell perfume. His marketing genius continues today with the first cologne for nerds.

Starring Jon Clarke, Brian Kunath, Bill Monroe, and Andrew Torres.  Written, directed, and edited by Bill Monroe

Runtime -- :49



You Never Heard Such Laughing

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The rise and fall of the greatest comedy duo of our time -- The Zany Boys.  This film is a documentary that traces their career from their early days in Vaudeville through their historic movie career.

Starring Jon Clarke and Andrew Torres as the Zany Boys.  Featuring Brian Kunath, Bill Monroe, and a host of Friends of Play Cole.

Runtime -- 21:04



The Job Interview

With unemployment as low as it is, sometimes interviewers have to make compromises.

Starring Jon Clarke and Andrew Torres.  Written by Jon Clarke.

Runtime -- 4:54


The First Commandment

There's no such thing as a simple rule.

Starring Jon Clarke and Andrew Torres.  Featuring Brian Kunath as the voice of God

Runtime -- 3:05


Planet of the Apes: Behind the Grunts

An in-depth look at how a great movie begins as a very bad movie.

Starring  Jon Clarke, Brian Kunath, and Andrew  Torres.

Runtme -- 3:02


The Adventures of Straight Man


The story of a superhero with the power to deflect any joke.

Starring Jon Clarke, Brian Kunath, and Andrew Torres.  Written by Jon Clarke and Andrew Torres.

Runtime -- 3:52



The Lazeris

The chilling story of genetic mutation gone slightly wrong.

Starring Jon Clarke, Brian Kunath, Bill Monroe, and Andrew Torres.. Concept by Brian Kunath

Runtime -- 7:12

What should be done with the Lazeris?



Lunching with Larry

Delicious food and delightful commentary.  The first season of Lunching with Larry featured 3 short episodes.


*A Home of His Own*

Blind Travelogue with Mort Normstein


Join Mort on his travels around the world

The Stevens Files

The action packed story is here.  Follow every twist and turn in the new special effects extravaganza.  Join the hero on the ultimate quest to do what is right -- consequences be damned.  Filmed on location and with a star packed cast -- this is the movie your friends will be talking about.

Written, directed by, edited, and starring Brian Kunath.

Runtime -- 1:44


C'mon C'mon

How one word in the world of hip-hop can mean so much.  Sing along.  You know the words.

Starring Brian Kunath.  Directed by Dave Wasklewicz.  Written by Jon Clarke.  

Runtime -- 1:29



Frank and the Steins


Sure parts of the act are, um, "Recycled" but Frank and the Steins are still Alternative Rock at its best.  This short concert film shows them at their peak.

Starring Jon Clarke, Hector Luis, Brian Kunath, Andrew Torres, and Lara Yaz.  Shot by Davis Wasklewicz.  Written and directed by Jon Clarke.

Runtime -- 3:31



Directing Robin Williams


Directing films is hard work.  Some actors probably make it harder.

Writen by Jon Clarke and Mike Drucker. Directed by and starring Jon Clarke.  Featuring Alex Grubard.

Runtime -- 1:10



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